Breaking the traditional roles and stereotypes for women is the goal of this beauty.


Published author, Kasey Labrie is a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur. Her new found passion for fitness has allowed her to maintain a healthy lifestyle while empowering those around her.

She uses modeling as an extension of this to prove that beauty can be appreciated not only at a youthful age but also as a woman ages and matures.

Kasey has made her hobbies her life. She loves to model, and she loves spending time with her family. She feels blessed that she is able to do what she is passionate about every single day.

Her other short-term goals are to seek further opportunities for publication, gallery shows, and brand representation.

Kasey has a large social media following and each of her postings capture her bubbly and fun personality. She is a truly happy person and is extremely inspiring. Her artistic photos speak to her passion for capturing the beauty in everyday life and accomplish her goals of empowerment, encouragement, and beauty.

Kasey Labrie