Hi, my name is Chantelle Cherie.

A well disciplined dancer and actress who showed an interest into modelling in the early days. I have previously been in a few modelling competitions in which I had become a finalist in all.

I have taken part in miss England in 2015 in which I found my passion to become successful.


Ive helped out charity’s such as children in need and hold a big space in my heart to help anyone. My ultimate goal is to make it big or At least noticed in the modelling industry or even through tv shows. Since I have been growing my instagram which is currently sitting at 5,000 to try share my content with the world and Since have became a brand ambassador for many clothing and beauty ranges.


I look forward to working with companies in the future and seeing where my life can get me and to become successful and make everyone proud. 

Chantelle Cherie