Hi there, My name is Annerie Kanfer.


There is this quote that I kind of live by and it goes "Don't trade your authenticity for approval." Now this quote is exactly who I am as a person and model. I am unapologetically me, in my opinion my beauty is enhanced by the way I am just my goofy self, bringing the best kind of energy to a photo shoot and allowing myself to express exactly who I am as a person through my photos. 


I am currently studying BCom Information Management, I have a true passion for the business world and would like nothing than to open my own Marketing firm in the future. The business world is known to be a tough, harsh place and I compare it to the modeling world. This causes ladies around the world to become so insecure and this is what I am trying to combat. I want to be able to inspire ladies to love who they are and know that being different is what makes you even more beautiful. Beauty may be define by physical features but being who you truly are allows you enhance any beauty.

Annerie Kanfer